Long home without water purifier used again to pay attention

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For some reason, the family water purifier for some time disabled, such as travel, travel, or change the living environment. Then after a long time without water purifier, what needs attention once again to use it?

1, the outfall is open, silt, rust and other impurities removed, before reuse, need to first open sewage outfall, the sediment, rust excluded to avoid clogging water, no water or water smell.

2, if necessary, replace the filter, do not use the ultra-long (as all 5 months or even longer), will lead to the loss of filtering function filters, water purifiers fail situation. First clean water purification filters, cleaning after the test whether there is water effect, if there is no need to replace the filter.

3, again using the flush water purifier water purifiers, water purifiers need to rinse, only three days if not used, then rinse 3-5 minutes, if more than 10 days or even longer, you will need to wash 15 minutes above, until all the water inside the residual rinse clean.

4. Replace the ultrafiltration membrane, water purifier three months or even longer without plaque can cause dry ultrafiltration membrane, pore contraction. Water purifiers become smaller, ultrafiltration membranes can not be recovered, if this happens, will replace an ultrafiltration membrane can be.

5, turn off the water into the faucet, water filter, if not a long time, turn off the water inlet valve, in order to avoid too much pressure caused by the floods caused by the faucet off unnecessary losses.

6, backwash water purification filters, more than a month without using water purifiers, water purifier filter inside may breed more bacteria and mold, to avoid secondary pollution, re-use is recommended to filter all the cleaning. After washing along, if the water is bad and the water is too small, can backwash water purifiers.

These are situations we summarize some of the considerations of long-term use of water purifiers and possible. In the non-special cases, it is recommended after you install water purifiers, water purifiers often used, in addition, choose a professional water purifier service providers to ensure quality and service quality net.

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