bad! Turbid water purifier smell swollen what to do

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With the increasing penetration of water purifiers, water purification products on the market more and more, home water appliances gradually increased, and some simple maintenance methods and techniques we still grasp a little better . As one of the most commonly used water appliances, household water purifiers water muddy smell must not be careless, do not let water purifiers has become the hotbed of sewage damage your health, then take a look at how the problems mentioned above solve.


First, household water purifiers water smell

1, when the water purifier just installed this problem, this situation is due to the protection of the liquid inside the water purifier filter is not completely clean result, the solution is very simple, open sewage outfall, and then open the faucet and let it wash about 10 minutes.

2, water purifiers to stop the use of long-term state, when water purifier after a period of inactivity, must be repeatedly cleaned before reuse, exclude remaining stagnant water purifier.

3, if the home water purifier long without washing it, make interception formation of dirt in the filter, purify water and affect the taste.

4, if the above conditions are not, then you can consider a chlorine odor in the water, because the water plant are to be disinfected with chlorine, bleach, may add too much chlorine in some places, causing water smell. This does not affect the normal use, but remember to boil before drinking.


Second, the water effluent turbidity

1, to consider whether or not the intake pressure is too large or the fluctuations caused by the ultrafiltration membrane rupture. If it does break, it must be replaced with new ultrafiltration consider core.

2, check the O-ring is not at the top of the filter and cause wear leaks, seal wear if we need to replace the amount of seal.

3, water purifier used for too long, or not long be cleaned, causing contamination within the water purifier, water quality secondary pollution.

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