How to choose water purifier?

When we installed the direct drinking water purifier in our house, I was doing my homework, so I still accumulated some experience. Let me share it with you. I hope it will help you.

1、 Look at the filtering method

The ultimate goal of installing direct drinking water purifier is to drink clean and healthy drinking water. Whether the water is filtered dry or not depends on the filtration mode of the direct drinking water purifier. Now the main filtration methods on the market are microfiltration filtration, ultrafiltration filtration and reverse osmosis high-precision filtration. The following details their filtration effects.

Microfiltration: the filtration precision is about 1um-0.1um, which can filter rust, sediment, colloid, residual chlorine and other pollutants in raw water;

Ultrafiltration: the filtration precision is about 0.1 μ m-0.0005 μ m, which can filter bacteria, viruses and other micro pollutants in water;

Reverse osmosis high-precision filtration: the filtration precision is about 0.001-0.0001 μ m, which can filter antibiotics, alkali, heavy metals and other harmful substances in water.

From the introduction of the above three filtration methods, we can also see that the third reverse osmosis high-precision filtration effect is better, so if you choose the direct drinking water purifier, the reverse osmosis water purifier direct drinking is safer.

2、 Look at brand reputation

I will look at this point no matter what I buy, especially the water purifier. The products of big brands are excellent and the after-sales service is more guaranteed. If you buy a water purifier from a small manufacturer, if there is a problem with the product, it is really troublesome to repair it back and forth. Some even have no after-sales service. It is not worth wasting money, time and energy!

Kaiping Honghui metal products Co., Ltd

3、 See the experience

Direct drinking water purifier is a household appliance that we use every day, so it is particularly important for people to feel safe, convenient and intimate water purifier. Therefore, the filtration capacity, flow rate and intelligent degree of the water purifier can not be ignored when selecting.

Kaiping Honghui metal products Co., Ltd

I'm very confident about the filtration capacity of this water purifier. A patented reverse osmosis filter element unique to his family, plus a six in one composite filter element which integrates granular activated carbon, MF filter element, ppcotton, fiber cotton, high-precision ppcotton and scale inhibition filter element. The water is purified through this system and filtered clean enough.

And the most important function is that it can heat water purification and heat preservation, which is different from other water purifiers. In fact, it can drink hot and cold. I usually directly take 98 ℃ water to make black tea, or 80 ℃ water to make coffee, or directly drink warm water. I don't need to boil water, air water or mix water. After loading, I really feel that life is more convenient. It also has 1.8l/min high flow rate of water, which can check the life of the filter element in real time by the tip light of the filter element replacement faucet, the intelligent system of water replenishment for empty container which can avoid thousand boiling water, and the two anti scalding systems of anti steam burn and anti scalding child lock are really convenient and safe. Generally speaking, after the direct drinking water purifier is installed, the quality of home life has been improved and life-oriented Complex for simple~

No matter how you choose the water purifier, the brand, the filtering effect and the use experience are indispensable choices. If you choose from these three aspects, it will certainly not be bad!