What to pay attention to when using ultra high efficiency air filter

At present, ultra-high efficiency air filters are widely used, such as optics and electronics, or biomedicine. In addition, they are often used in precision instruments, beverages and food. As long as industrial enterprises have dust-free purification workshops, most of them will install the filter. And its use position is the air supply at the end of the air conditioner, which has different structural forms.
During the installation process, we have a lot to pay attention to. Before installation, the installation system must be cleaned. The purification workshop shall carry out comprehensive and detailed inspection. Only by ensuring dust-free can the ultra-high efficiency air filter play its role. Do not use ordinary vacuum cleaners for dust collection. It is recommended to add ultra clean filter bags.
Some customers want to install ultra-high efficiency air filters in the ceiling. At this time, they should not ignore the cleaning in the ceiling, and should pay attention to the edges and corners, and do not leave any dust dead corners. Cleaning is not the goal, but the commissioning process should be carried out at least for more than 12 hours, and then the clean workshop should be cleaned again. At this time, the ultra-high efficiency air filter can be installed.
In the unpacking process, do not disassemble the ultra-high efficiency air filter in advance, otherwise it is easy to cause dust intrusion. It is necessary to wait until the installation before disassembling. First, check the relevant parts. At the same time, judge whether the performance indicators can meet the requirements according to the test data, and then execute the installation procedure.
If the cleanliness requirements of the clean workshop are very high, we must join the leak detection stage to judge the quality of the filter. If the problem is found after installation, it will increase the complexity of the process. If the inspection quantity is not specified, you can determine the proportion according to daily use needs, and then check the sealing degree of the frame. If the sealing structure is not in place, you must do emergency treatment.